30 Reasons for Research

In honour of our 30th anniversary, we’re highlighting 30 reasons to donate to life-changing lung disease and lung cancer research. These reasons are being shared through the compelling stories of those affected, and by the researchers we support who are working tirelessly to discover life-saving breakthroughs. With emerging evidence of permanent lung damage in COVID-19 patients, now more than ever, we need to invest in ground-breaking lung health research.

Together, we can change lives and give hope for a brighter future. Research saves lives and gives hope for a cure.

Give hope. Give to research today.

For the millions of Australians impacted by lung disease and lung cancer, research means everything: more precious moments with loved ones, a chance to experience that next life milestone, independence to do day-to-day activities that many of us take for granted.

Lung Foundation Australia is leading the fight against lung disease and lung cancer. Since 1990, thanks to our generous community, we have raised and invested over $40.9 million in research that’s revolutionising our understanding of these conditions, driving advancements in the prevention, treatment and search for a cure. In recent years, we’ve seen an increase in survival rates and quality of life across a number of lung conditions – giving millions of Australian families hope that has never existed before.

But we need your help. Lung disease and lung cancer still take far too many lives. Every day we lose 45 loved ones. In fact, 1 in 3 Australians are impacted by lung disease or lung cancer.

What's your reason?

Investing in research

Lung Foundation Australia’s research portfolio includes a fast-growing clinical trials network,  and internationally recognised disease registries. Through our comprehensive research awards and grants program, we fund the best and brightest researchers to find breakthroughs in prevention and treatment, and search for a cure.

30 years of changing lives

In 2020, Lung Foundation Australia celebrates three decades of service and commitment to people of all ages living with or impacted by lung disease and lung cancer. Since 1990, with your help, we have raised and invested over $40 million in life-changing research. Through our work we’ve supported countless Australians to live their best life with a lung condition, championed equal access to treatment and care, and supported the delivery of best-practice treatment and care for people living with lung disease and lung cancer.