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Become an advocate with Lung Foundation Australia and join us in advocating for change. Your voice is incredibly powerful and can help create awareness and improved outcomes for all Australians, and particularly the 1 in 3 who are living with a lung disease or lung cancer. 

Our work with patients, carers, families, health professionals, researchers and the broader community is at the heart of what we do. There are many ways you can support our advocacy efforts, and an example is this video that highlights the voices of 12 Australians and their asks of the Australian Government.

We thank those who shared their voice in this video, and the many others who contributed to advocating for lung cancer screening over many years. As a result of our collective efforts, we are thrilled that lung cancer screening is now funded by the Australian Government.

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If you are interested in advocating to the government for real change, please express your interest via the button below.

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Improving access to medicines - your voice matters

We also work to secure timely and equitable access to respiratory medicines that improve the health and economic outcomes of people impacted by lung disease or lung cancer. To do this, we make submissions to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC) – the body that decides which medicines should be subsidised by the Federal Government under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS). We regularly reach out to our network of consumers for their input to our PBAC submissions, and we support the community to make individual submissions. If you are interested in making your own submission we have tips on how to provide impactful submissions here.