Partner with us

Our partnerships are tailored to benefit your business and the millions of Australians living with lung disease in need of our support.

Whether it’s aligning with your organisation’s social responsibility strategy, fulfilling your business and brand objectives or boosting team morale and engagement, a partnership with Lung Foundation Australia can provide powerful results for your business.

We work collaboratively with our partners to identify their needs and present opportunities that will ensure the partnership is sustainable, mutually beneficial and will help support the millions of Australians affected by lung disease.

Working with a trusted charity like Lung Foundation Australia will enhance your business profile and brand reputation. It will bring positive commercial benefits and showcase to your clients and staff that you are a change agent for a healthier Australia.

There are plenty of ways to get involved, from sponsoring specific events, joining fundraising activities, workplace giving and much more – these are outlined briefly below.

  • Sponsor an event or campaign

    We hold a range of campaigns and community and corporate events throughout the year that offer positive brand exposure and engagement opportunities. Sponsorship packages vary and include opportunities for financial contributions or the donation of goods or services. View some of our upcoming events and campaigns.

  • Workplace Giving

    Workplace giving is a simple, cost effective way for organisations to engage with employees while making a positive community contribution. Workplace giving donations are deducted from pre-tax pay, offering an immediate tax deduction without the fuss of a claim at the end of financial year. Benefits include:

    • Easy set-up, low administration costs, and encourages employee recruitment and staff retention.
    • Employees can give as much or as little as they like.
    • Giving from pre-tax income means donations cost employees less, their taxable income is reduced, and we gratefully receive the full benefit of the donation.
    • Donations are tax deductible.

    Your organisation can also opt to match the donations made by their staff, doubling the effectiveness of their gift.

  • Staff Fundraising

    Whether you want to hold a bake sale in the office or take on a challenge, fundraising is a great way to engage your staff and boost morale and team building. View some of our upcoming events and campaigns.

  • Better Living Alliance

    Our Better Living Alliance brings together companies and organisations who can offer treatments, devices and/or products that support people to better manage their lung conditions. An annual partnership with the Better Living Alliance offers an array of benefits and direct exposure to a targeted audience.

Please contact us for more information on how we can form a mutually beneficial partnership.
Current Partners
We are incredibly fortunate to work with the following partners.