August 12, 2016

Lung Foundation Australia’s MBS Application for Pulmonary Rehabilitation to be considered by MSAC in November

The next stage of our ongoing work to seek a MBS listing for pulmonary rehabilitation and maintenance exercise is an independent evaluation of both the evidence base and economic strength of our application.

The assessment report by the evaluator will be submitted to the 6 – 7 October Evaluation Sub-Committee (ESC) meeting. This will be followed by consideration by the Medical Services Advisory Committee (MASC) at its meeting on 24 – 25 November, 2016.

We are confident that the evidence in support of our application is strong as is the economic argument – the cost of a pulmonary rehabilitation program versus frequent COPD patient hospitalisations.

We will provide updates on our progress via our website and communication channels. You can also check in on the MASC website