National Silicosis Prevention Strategy

Lung Foundation Australia has been appointed by the Australian Government’s Department of Health to facilitate the development of the 2022–2027 National Silicosis Prevention Strategy (NSPS) and accompanying National Action Plan (NAP).

This Strategy and Plan is one of a number of recommendations from the National Dust Disease Taskforce’s Final Report. The NSPS and NAP are extensions of over two years of comprehensive community, industry and government consultation under the leadership of the National Dust Disease Taskforce. The intention of the NSPS and NAP are to build on the work of the Taskforce and define the priorities and actions required to reduce the impact of silicosis on individuals, the community and the economy.

How you can be involved

Over the coming months Lung Foundation Australia will invite participation in the design and development of the NSPS and NAP. These draft documents are due to be presented to the Department of Health and Minister for Health and Aged Care in June 2022. The Minister will then liaise with his State and Territory Workplace Health and Safety Ministerial Colleagues to seek their endorsement and ratification.

We will consult with a diverse range of stakeholders including individuals and organisations with an interest in silicosis. To find out more about the consultation process and how you can be involved follow the link below.

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Why Lung Foundation Australia

As part of the Australian Government’s Health Peak and Advisory Body Program for lung health, Lung Foundation Australia is pleased to work with a wide range of stakeholders to co-create this important strategy and action plan. In 2019/2020, we facilitated the development of the Australian Government’s National Strategic Action Plan for Lung Conditions, which attracted over 800 public, industry and government submissions.

Lung Foundation Australia is well positioned and committed to bringing meaningful consultation processes to the development of the NSPS and NAP to ensure that it reflects the intent of the National Dust Disease Taskforce and, more importantly, provides a comprehensive roadmap to address the resurgence of silicosis cases and its impact upon our workers. You can read more about our work in this space, here.