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ILD research in Australia

Interstitial lung disease

Australia is a world-leader in ILD research. Lung Foundation Australia are proud to partner with a collaborative national group of researchers to support registries, clinical trials and research programs.

Centre of Research Excellence in Pulmonary Fibrosis (CRE-PF)

The Centre of Research Excellence in Pulmonary Fibrosis (CRE-PF), funded 2017-2028 by the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), builds research capacity to transform and extend the lives of people with pulmonary fibrosis. The CRE-PF enables a nationally coordinated, comprehensive and cutting-edge clinically focused research program addressing the urgent need for more effective, personalised approaches to identify and better manage fibrotic lung diseases. The CRE-PF also contributes to educating the public and training future generations of researchers. To learn more about the CRE-PF, click the link below.

Australasian ILD Registry

The Australasian Interstitial Lung Disease Registry (AILDR) is a prospective clinical Registry recruiting patients with all ILD subtypes to reflect real world practice at clinics across Australia and New Zealand and achieve dual objectives:

  • To provide a valuable resource for high quality ILD research
  • To improve care for ILD patients across Australia and NZ

For more information about the AILDR, including their research and how to access data, click the button below to visit the website.

Pulmonary fibrosis Australasian Clinical Trials (PACT) Network

The Pulmonary Fibrosis Australasian Clinical Trials (PACT) Network is a collaboration of passionate and dedicated specialists who are working to design and implement clinical trials and studies that will improve outcomes for patients with pulmonary fibrosis. PACT’s objective is to ensure patients with pulmonary fibrosis, their families and health care professionals are aware of, and have access to, up-to-date clinical trial information, and the latest advances in pulmonary fibrosis treatment. 

To learn more about PACT and the latest in pulmonary fibrosis clinical trials, including how you can help your patients become involved in current trials, click the button below to visit website:

Visit website

Australian IPF Registry

After 10 years of successful operation, the Australian Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF) Registry was finalised in 2022. This rich research platform supported a wide range of projects, with peer reviewed publications across epidemiology, prognostic indicators including biomarkers and artificial intelligence using HRCT scans, health economics, and genetic studies. The research using AIPFR data has contributed to an improved understanding of the complex disease IPF and thereby improved management and outcomes for people living with IPF.

This unique research platform including extensive data, HRCT scans and blood samples, continues to be available for research and under management of the AILDR team. To learn more or to investigate access to Australian IPF Registry data for research visit the website by clicking on the button below.

Research Grants and Awards

Lung Foundation Australia’s awards and grants program works with the CRE-PF through the CREATE researcher development program to assist early and mid-career pulmonary fibrosis researchers in their career development. These grants are designed to support new, innovative research projects that will ultimately contribute to:

  • A deeper understanding of the cause, prevalence and impact of pulmonary fibrosis.
  • Development of new diagnostic methods and treatment options.
  • Improved outcomes and quality of life for patients.

Opportunities include fellowships and PhD scholarships, project grants and grants-in-aid. There are also a number of travel grants offered each year which allow researchers to collaborate and showcase their work nationally and internationally. We strengthen and support the translation of research into clinical practice by ensuring our awards are offered across the breadth of multidisciplinary team professions. Learn about our current and upcoming research funding opportunities.