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Educational vaping resources for young people

Vaping is on the rise in Australia and has become popular amongst young adults and teenagers. Alarmingly, very little is understood about the long-term effects on the health of the increasing number of young people participating in vaping. What we do know is that these products contain dangerous, toxic and highly addictive chemicals that can seriously impact developing bodies.
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Arming educators with information

It’s challenging to know where to start when engaging with teenagers and young people about vaping. The “Vaping and Young People – For Educators” resource is designed to fill the knowledge gap around vaping and e-cigarettes, to provide current research and information, and to empower schools and educators to inform and protect young people from potential harm.

This resource caters specifically to teachers, educators and anyone working with young people to supply clear, evidence-based information on vaping, the health, safety and legal issues, and how it directly impacts lung health.

It covers statistics on e-cigarette usage in Australia, why young people take it up, the types of vaping equipment available and common misconceptions. It also provides practical tips on how to engage with young people on the topic in different settings.

Sharable resources

Download the “Vaping and Young People” resource pack which includes a suite of fact sheets for parents and carers as well as young people aged 12 – 17 and 18 – 24. This pack also includes information to share via your school or organisation’s newsletter and social media pages.
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