Support groups

Support groups can become an integral and helpful part of your life. It can be immensely therapeutic to talk with others who are experiencing the same thing - patients and carers alike. A chronic lung condition diagnosis can make you feel a range of emotions, which can affect your overall wellbeing. You deserve to receive the support you need to navigate through these emotions with others and live the best life available to you.

Support groups

Lung Foundation Australia supports a network of support groups throughout Australia for patients and carers affected by a lung disease. These groups provide people in similar situations the opportunity to come together to support each other, share practical tips and help break down the sense of isolation that can often be experienced.

Lung Cancer Telephone Support Groups

Our Telephone Support Groups are held twice per month and are a great way for people living with lung cancer to connect with other people in a similar situation to them without leaving the comfort of their home. These free and confidential groups are facilitated by qualified Lung Foundation Australia staff. The calls are open to lung cancer patients at any stage of their illness. Whilst our staff facilitate the call, they are there to provide support when and if needed – members are encouraged to discuss all topics related to their lung cancer journey freely. To register for upcoming meetings, please call 1800 654 301.

Hope and Light Lung Cancer Support Group

Lung Foundation Australia hosts a monthly lung cancer support group in Milton, Brisbane. The Hope and Light Lung Cancer Support Group provides an informal environment where people can share information, support one another and discuss ways to cope with the challenges of living with lung cancer. The group is led by a volunteer, Marilyn Nelson, who has been living with lung cancer for six years.

Peer to Peer Connections

It can make all the difference to connect with someone else who has the same condition – someone who understands what you are going through, especially if you have a rare lung disease where there may be limited opportunities to connect with others.

To address this need, we offer a peer to peer matching service for people affected by Pulmonary Fibrosis (PF) and for parents of children with rare lung disease. The service matches eligible people to other people in a similar situation, via phone or email.

For more information and to join Peer Connect, contact us.