Face-to-face Support Groups

Lung Foundation Australia are proud to support a network of support groups for patients and carers impacted by lung disease and lung cancer. These groups provide a safe environment for people to feel heard and understood.

How does a support group run?

Our diverse support group network offers groups for specific lung diseases, varying interests, formality, and number of people. We recognise that no one person’s experience is the same, so it is helpful to find a group that suits your needs and interests.There is no pressure to participate in all support group activities; it is important to connect where and how you feel comfortable.  

Support groups may:

  • Hold regular meetings for focused discussions  
  • Invite healthcare professionals to present at meetings 
  • Share experiences in a casual social setting 
  • Participate in social activities  
Find a support group located in your area.

Benefits of joining a support group 

By joining a support group, you join a community of people coming together to provide social connection, mutual support and to share practical tips for navigating life with lung disease and lung cancer. 

The benefits of joining a group:  

  • Community – feeling like someone ‘gets it’ 
  • Education – increased knowledge of self-management and the health care system.  
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Can’t find a support group in your area?

If you are unable to find a group located near you, you may like to consider starting your own. Lung Foundation Australia can support you in establishing a group in your community.