Starting a Support Group

Would you like to establish a support group in your community? Learn more about how you can join Lung Foundation Australia’s Support Group Network.

Starting a support group

There are many reasons why you may want to start a group; to raise awareness for a specific lung disease or lung cancer, share information and strategies for self-management and empower others.

It can feel isolating when you are diagnosed with a lung condition and do not have the opportunity to connect with others who are in the same, or a similar position.

Leading a support group

The power of lived experience when leading a group is invaluable; it enables you, as a group leader to connect with peers on a deeper empathetic level. You do not need to hold specific qualifications to start a group. 

Leading a support group is a role you can choose to do individually, or with a co-leader. Many of our current groups are led by multiple leaders so they can share the facilitation and successes together. 

Register your interest

Lung Foundation Australia encourages people from diverse backgrounds to express their interest in starting a support group – online or face to face.  

For more information and to express your interest in starting a support group, complete the form below. 

Start a support group
If you are thinking of starting a respiratory support group 'Just do it'. I’m not sorry I started my group in 2012 and remember to use Lung Foundation Australia for any support you need. Keep it all simple. Also remember to use services in your local community, I’ve had great support from both my local council and local member. Good luck!
Janice, Rockingham Respiratory Support Group, WA